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Call for papers for the next issue of Cloverleaf to publish in January, 2017

Cloverleaf, Journal of Education in Evolvement and All Encompassing Spirituality invites submissions of articles, reviews and essays for its next issue planned for January, 2017.

The deadline for submission is December 31, 2016.

Please read on for aims and objectives, content requirements, and authoring guidelines for the journal and send your contributions for publication to by the deadline.

The Idea of Love and Compassion in Sufi Literature

Sami Rafiq in “The Idea of Love and Compassion in Sufi Literature” has reflected on the idea of compassion in selected poems and short stories by Sufi writers.

Hitchhiking, Hospitality, and Spiritual Communities

Peter Lauricella and Sharon Lauricella in their article “Hitchhiking, Hospitality and Spiritual Communities,” have taken up the metaphor of journey in spiritual evolvement. They have given a modern interpretation to the early sadhu, mendicant, troubadour or sufi, in terms of hitchhiking or travelling throughout the world for spiritual understanding and receiving hospitality from likeminded hosts.

Meta-Physical Wisdom in Today’s Globalized World

Garima Talwar Kapoor in “Meta-Physical Wisdom in Today’s Globalized World” reflects on rethinking Education in All-Encompassing Spirituality in today’s age of technology.

A Spiritual View of Life and Existence

Dr. Rajendra Narain Dubey in his article “A Spiritual View of Life and Existence," dwells at length on the concept of spirituality and its presence in a human being in Vedic literature.

Spiritual Education to discover the meaning of ‘I’

Dr. V. N. Jha in “Spiritual Education to Discover the Meaning of ‘I” demonstrates how the Indian concept of education can liberate minds from narrowness and promote a state of all-inclusive broadness.

Reflections on Education in Evolvement and All-Encompassing Spirituality

Sandy Milne in “Reflections on Education in Evolvement and All-Encompassing  Spirituality highlights issues, goals and experiences related to education in All-Encompassing Spirituality.

Living in the Presence of God

Richard Kropf in his article “Living in the Presence of God,” has presented a detailed study of the belief in a Divine Being and the importance of seeing that Divine presence in every human being in order to foster peace, forgiveness and understanding.

What is "That"?

George Rowinski’s prose poem “What is “That”? is an invocation to the Divine to whom one can return again and again, for it highlights a spiritual quest in a poetic and mystical manner.

God of Israel or God of the Universe?

Bob Chodos in his article “God of Israel or God of the Universe” examines Judaism and its sacred beliefs and finds the existence of a Universal God though different religions conceive Him in a different way.

Why we need to change how we educate?

Mona Negoita in her article “Why We Need to Unlearn Our Ways of Learning?” writes about the need to change the way our education system works so as to develop altruism, generosity and compassion in the young.

Relevance of Spirituality in Today's Global Setting.

Dr. Ranjit Singh Bharaj in “Relevance of Spirituality in Today's Global Settings” talks about the practical applications and benefits of spirituality in the present day.

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