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Submission deadline for this issue is July 31, 2017.
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Intimate Strangers? Jewish-Muslim Relations & the Prospects for Dialogue

Atif Khalil in “Intimate Strangers? Jewish-Muslim Relations and the Prospects for Dialogue” has attempted to uncover the common religious and cultural values across theological, legal and mystical intersections between Jewish and Muslim communities in order to foster respect, friendship and harmony between them.

Towards an Inclusive Global Family: Recovering the Forgotten Contributions of Christian Mystics

M. Darrol Bryant in “Recovering the Forgotten Contributions of Christian Mystics” brings out the spiritual and humanitarian messages of three Christian women mystics Hildegaard of Bingen (1098-1179), Julian of Norwich (1342-1423) and  Teresa of Avila (1515-1582).Reading about them is an inspiration towards unity, harmony and peace.

The Spirit of SHEN (Spiritual Heritage Education Network)

Fred Lawlor in “The Spirit of SHEN” has aptly summed up the goals and objectives of SHEN as brought out in the September 2016 conference.

Publisher's Note

The Publisher’s note for the January 2017 issue of Cloverleaf is entitled "Post-Truth Era in Religion and Its Ramifications". It is a reflection on the modernity of the recognition of the term "post-truth" and the antiquity of its mindset. While the notion came to limelight in 2016, its mindset has been playing havoc with the state of our universe for a very long time.

Figure 1 shows the neural structure of a human being with (a) pointing to the network of nervous system spread all over the body, (b) pointing to the limbic brain on top of the spine and (c) pointing to the neocortex located just inside the skull around the limbic brain.

The Unspeakable Mystery

In her poem “The Unspeakable Mystery”, Dr. Sami Rafiq has attempted to bring out the gendered perception of spirituality.

Monday Night Outing

Dennis Haskell’s poem “Monday Night Outing” which is a very small sample of his poetic oeuvre reflects truth and consciousness from a different cultural perspective.

Understand that You are the Power!

Barbara Bedford in “Understand that You are the Power” dwells on the miracle of DNA in the human cells as a carrier of Divine energy.

Role of Spirituality in Nurturing the Positive Mind of a Whole Child

Aneela Azeemi in “Role of Spirituality in Nurturing the Positive Mind of a Whole Child” stresses upon the necessity of instilling in children at an early age, the spiritual values of compassion, love, understanding and acceptance specially in the modernised world of today and also to insure a peaceful world.

On Spiritual Education

Dr. Rajendra Narain Dubey in “On Spiritual Education” dwells upon the valuable contributions of Indian seers and thinkers towards spiritual education and evolvement. He has also highlighted the timeless wisdom of the Vedas and Upanishads.

A Reflection On Genesis

Dr. Shiv Talwar in “A Reflection on Genesis” has interpreted the concept of creation in the Bible in an in depth manner which fits in with the concept of God the Creator in other religions.

Editor's Note

We are here with the January 2017 issue of Cloverleaf and as the poem by Danny Best illustrates, have delved a little deeper into our spiritual legacies. Cloverleaf is a hope, to dispel the doubt and darkness that are created by violence and greed, by showing the pathway of enlightenment through different cultures and religions.

The Idea of Love and Compassion in Sufi Literature

Sami Rafiq in “The Idea of Love and Compassion in Sufi Literature” has reflected on the idea of compassion in selected poems and short stories by Sufi writers.

Hitchhiking, Hospitality, and Spiritual Communities

Peter Lauricella and Sharon Lauricella in their article “Hitchhiking, Hospitality and Spiritual Communities,” have taken up the metaphor of journey in spiritual evolvement. They have given a modern interpretation to the early sadhu, mendicant, troubadour or sufi, in terms of hitchhiking or travelling throughout the world for spiritual understanding and receiving hospitality from likeminded hosts.

Meta-Physical Wisdom in Today’s Globalized World

Garima Talwar Kapoor in “Meta-Physical Wisdom in Today’s Globalized World” reflects on rethinking Education in All-Encompassing Spirituality in today’s age of technology.

A Spiritual View of Life and Existence

Dr. Rajendra Narain Dubey in his article “A Spiritual View of Life and Existence," dwells at length on the concept of spirituality and its presence in a human being in Vedic literature.

Spiritual Education to discover the meaning of ‘I’

Dr. V. N. Jha in “Spiritual Education to Discover the Meaning of ‘I” demonstrates how the Indian concept of education can liberate minds from narrowness and promote a state of all-inclusive broadness.

Reflections on Education in Evolvement and All-Encompassing Spirituality

Sandy Milne in “Reflections on Education in Evolvement and All-Encompassing  Spirituality highlights issues, goals and experiences related to education in All-Encompassing Spirituality.

Living in the Presence of God

Richard Kropf in his article “Living in the Presence of God,” has presented a detailed study of the belief in a Divine Being and the importance of seeing that Divine presence in every human being in order to foster peace, forgiveness and understanding.

What is "That"?

George Rowinski’s prose poem “What is “That”? is an invocation to the Divine to whom one can return again and again, for it highlights a spiritual quest in a poetic and mystical manner.

God of Israel or God of the Universe?

Bob Chodos in his article “God of Israel or God of the Universe” examines Judaism and its sacred beliefs and finds the existence of a Universal God though different religions conceive Him in a different way.


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