Call for papers for July, 2017 issue
Share your research, creative and inspirational writing in Cloverleaf: Journal of Education in Evolvement and All Encompassing Spirituality
Submission deadline for this issue is July 31, 2017.
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Information for Readers

Cloverleaf is an e-journal. It can be read on its website without a charge.

The publisher also plans to make it available in various e-book formats so that you can enjoy reading it in the comfort of your home at any time without being tied to a web brower.

We begin with the free availability of the launch issue of the journal in pdf format for you to print or enjoy at your leisure.

To read a desired issue of Cloverleaf on its website, please foloww the following steps:

  1. Click the Journal issues tab
  2. Select the issue you want by its volume and number
  3. Click the issue to see the author index on the left side bar and the topic index in the content area
  4. Notice taht you are presented with individual postings and categories of articles such as >Research Papers and >Personal Inspirations (Symbol > in front of a word defines it as a category)
  5. Click a categoriy, if desired
  6. Click the article to read selecting it by author or topic
  7. Enjoy the read, and
  8. Remember: if you are logged in as an authorized user, you can post a comment on the article you read.