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Role of Spirituality in Nurturing the Positive Mind of a Whole Child

Aneela Azeemi


This paper is an attempt to see how children are naturally spiritual because of their close connection to the pure consciousness and about how to protect their pure mind set in the contemporary world which is technologically advanced, but whose many challenges have a negative impact on a child's psychology. Our global society’s emphasis on materialism, productivity and capitalism are shadowed by numerous dangers that have led to corresponding physical, psychological and sociological vices. This has led to a rise in the rates of suicide as well as extremism and other reactionary attitudes. Now the need is to adopt such measures so as to nurture the positive mind set of a child in order for him or her to flourish in a healthy society.

The child of today is the father or mother of tomorrow. Children should be exposed to different kinds of knowledge, not only that which focuses on measurable and tangible objects, but also that which concerns the spiritual dimensions of human life and experience. Spirituality tells us that human beings are not only the combination of bones and flesh but there is the soul or spirit which is giving life to this body. Sufis say that the human soul is configured with a very sophisticated energy formula made up of 70000 layers of energy (noor). The human soul is in continuous journey and the Holy Quran beautifully expresses this soul cycle as “Inna lillahe wa Inna Elehe Rajaun” meaning a circle starting from one point and ending in the same after completion. The soul creates a material medium during this cycle, in the shape of a baby's body with the zero level of conscious mind but blooming with pure consciousness. Therefore, a child is naturally spiritual because of his/her strong connection to the pure consciousness. Slowly and gradually with the personal growth of a child his or her conscious mind grows along with the thickening of one immediate layer of energy or noor which encircles conscious mind and famously known as 'Ego’ (Anna or Nafas).This ego carries a tinge of negativity like anger, jealousy, hate, biases etc.— but with exception to this single layer, the rest of 69999 layers are all positive and contain the powerful potential of a human. This layer due to negativity eventually gets thicker, creates a curtain or barrier between the conscious and pure consciousness. All the revealed scriptures, prophets , sages, saints, mystics and sufi’s worked and made efforts on this very part of 'Ego' which is the only barrier and has a deep connection to the mind set or way of thinking of an individual. People’s lives revolve around this mind or way of thinking but if one were to cleanse it of negativity, he/she can attain enlightenment or connection to the positive side of the human which is the actual ‘Being’.

It is very important to nurture the positive mind set of a child from the very beginning through which we can restore a peaceful world.

However, it is also very pertinent to highlight that there are two types of knowledge: acquired knowledge and primordial or esoteric knowledge. Acquired knowledge is that which we receive from parents, forefathers, society and schools, colleges etc., whereas there is another kind of knowledge which is naturally built in within us, that knowledge is known as Primordial or Esoteric knowledge. This is the hidden side of a human being and it resides within as a pure source behind the curtain of ego (lying in 70000 energy attributes). It is the attributed, gifted part of the human soul from the divinity in the form of an energy chip. This’ Chip’ needs to be activated and even people like Albert Einstein activated only 5 to 7 percent of this knowledge. This pure side of human beings can be activated through self-awakening or actualisation.

Spiritual knowledge, by virtue of its emphasis, can impart patterns of cognition that focus on tolerance, introspection, awareness, and other attributes that are needed now more than ever.

Spirituality based education like “Mindfulness Meditation" and silent practices can help us achieve balanced and stress free minds, and spiritual awareness programs can also help children to get connected to their actual or pure self. Incorporating spiritual knowledge base into childhood education, rather than stifling a young individual’s in built ability to successfully participate in the modern world, would inculcate the principle of ‘Unity in Diversity ’ and instill values that may help control the rise of violent or extremist perspectives. In as much as many positive spiritual orientations are characterised by compassion, love, understanding and acceptance, providing a strong background in these traditions and systems may in turn lay the groundwork for lives that are healthier in mind, body and spirit. Parents, teachers, and society as a whole should take responsibility for providing an integrative and spiritual basis of knowledge, rather than one that may dangerously exclude such a significant and foundational expression of human life and psychology.