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Understand that You are the Power!

Barbara Bedford, BA

I am humbled by the thought that every single cell in my body contains all the potential for my becoming. That DNA in my body is the template of who I am capable of becoming from conception until death! How stunning is that!

The inside of my body is somewhat easier to comprehend neatly encapsulated as it is within the skin. A constant and harmonic actions and reactions of each grouping of specialising cells within my capsule. Cells which have autonomy, communicate with each other, reproduce and co-operate. They are born out of 2 single cells that come together and then multiply into billions of cells. Each has come with a purpose which is unknown by the Overseer of these countless universes, ie. ME!  Moreover, much of the time, I don’t particularly care either. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, is a great motto!

The most miraculous part of this entire manifestation of becoming ‘ME’ is that from the original cells of origin to the final cells at the time of death, each single cell carries the DNA or Life Code from everyone that has ever existed, exists or will exist ‘ad infinitum’!

Beyond the apparent solidity of this vessel of human body however, the molecular body, scientists now know, is engaged in a continuous state of flow and interaction of its molecular structure with all that is adjacent to it and into the  furthest reach of  stellar space of the stars and planets! We are always inter-being with all that is!  The Universe within and the Universe without, all contain the essentials of who I am meant to be. And you too. I contain the Universe. The Universe contains me.

In this knowing of my Energy Being not only existing in the vastness of the Universe but also carrying an occult purpose for being present at this time and in this place, I am humbled! I am also greatly empowered. I am somehow vital to the overall health of the entire Universe. Regardless of the role I have taken in this present life, a liver or heart cell or even a toe nail cell, I, at the profound, timeless level of DNA, have undertaken to keep the macro-universe operating at its healthiest by maintaining and nurturing the micro-universe within my body and that material world which supports and sustains my life.  I am nothing less than Divine Creative Energy in expression. I express creative energy in every measure of the life I find myself inhabiting. The Universal Power and that which expresses itself as ME, are One. I am the Power.